Magnelis Coating: Innovative Protection in Steel

Durability and protection are paramount in the steel industry, and Magnelis emerges as a coating technology developed for the preservation of steel surfaces. This coating, a combination of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys, provides superior protection to steel, especially for structures exposed to outdoor conditions. It proves to be an effective solution for structures facing challenging environmental conditions.

C Profile: Flexible Solution in Structural Steel

C profiles are essential structural elements frequently used in structural steel. They are commonly preferred as load-bearing components in various structures. These profiles enable the construction of robust and flexible steel structures. Produced in different sizes and specifications, C profiles offer solutions tailored to various structural needs.

Panels: Integration of Structure and Insulation

Panels are elements used to provide insulation and structural integrity in various construction projects. These panels, created by combining different materials, typically offer quick assembly options. Magnelis-coated steel panels stand out for their durability and longevity, making them an ideal choice to meet diverse structural requirements.

Magnelis Coated Steel C Profiles and Panels: Strong and Durable Structures

Magnelis-coated steel gains attention for the protection and durability it provides in the production of C profiles and panels. This combination ensures the longevity of structures and resistance against environmental influences. The high durability, flexibility, and protective features contribute to the preference for these structural elements.

Written by: Ivosis Steel