Ivosis Steel creates the steel parts and best solution services you need.

Our solar farm land construction systems are designed to facilitate the efficient installation of solar energy facilities. Supported by high-quality materials and expert engineering, our systems ensure the successful completion of your solar energy projects.

Our roof construction systems offer customizable solar energy solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into various building roofs. Combining high durability and aesthetic design, our roof systems provide a practical way for environmentally friendly energy production.

Our heavy steel construction systems provide robust and reliable solutions for industrial facilities, warehouses, and other large structures. Supported by engineering expertise and the use of quality materials, our systems allow you to create long-lasting and dependable structures.

Our CNC laser cutting service utilizes advanced technology to meet your precision cutting needs. Our CNC laser cutting machines can cut various materials without compromising the details of the design, making them an ideal solution for your custom projects.

Our CNC plasma cutting service offers a powerful and effective solution for cutting metal sheets and plates. Supported by high precision and rapid production capacity, our CNC plasma cutting machines are designed to meet the requirements of your custom projects.