Heavy Steel Construction

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Car park steel construction systems provide protection of vehicles against many external factors. Many advantages can be obtained with car park construction systems produced with different manufacturing methods. It is preferred to protect vehicles from the sun in summer and from factors such as rain and snow in winter. Load calculations should be done carefully while car park constructions are being manufactured.

Today, many cities are switching to a closed marketplace system. Closed marketplaces are much safer and more useful structures than old-style marketplaces. Closed marketplace constructions are designed to be robust and permanent due to their structure. Non-insulated steel construction systems are generally preferred in closed marketplace systems designed as insulated and non-insulated. Marketplaces designed with steel construction create a durable structure that protects shoppers from climatic conditions.

Roof construction systems are systems that provide advantages and safety that reinforced concrete structures cannot provide. In roof systems, roof analysis reports, roof durability and project tests in accordance with environmental conditions should be made and correct construction production should be carried out. Roof systems that offer long-term durability and resistance to climatic conditions are preferred especially in large buildings.

Steel tribunes can be mounted as portable or permanent for use in various organizations. Special production can be made for organizations with steel tribune systems, which are made with steel construction materials in international standards, and which are accepted worldwide. Portable and permanently positionable tribune systems have a solid structure that will last for many years. It provides a high level of security with the weight calculations performed during the production phase.

Hangars are generally areas where goods, objects and goods are stored in bulk. Objects to be stored are safely kept in hangars in isolation from weather, climate and environmental conditions. The hangar project to be made should be created in a way that will show durability for many years and protect the products inside.

Due to their canopy structure, they are light and economical structures. We can consider the canopy construction as a major building construction. After the project of the area where the canopy will be built is created, it is manufactured with the appropriate skeleton structure.

Flanges on which steel columns will be placed are placed in heavy steel factory constructions according to their location in the project. Steel columns are erected on the flanges placed on the foundation. The factory skeleton is completed by applying the A roof system on the steel construction. The factory frame, designed with steel constructions, is at a level that will withstand harsh conditions for many years and provide a safe environment.

Overpasses have become an important part of our country’s roads in recent years. Bridges and overpasses, which are necessary for pedestrian transportation and safety, are structures that come to the fore with their robustness. Overpasses manufactured with steel construction have superior advantages over concrete structures. Steel overpass systems provide high security, easy installation and durability due to their structure.