Canopy Manufacturing

Heavy Steel Construction

Due to their canopy structure, they are light and economical structures. We can consider the canopy construction as a major building construction. After the project of the area where the canopy will be built is created, it is manufactured with the appropriate skeleton structure. The basic logic in canopy construction is to cover any area served and to protect it against external factors. The canopies, which are manufactured in accordance with these conditions, have a durable and permanent structure as well as being durable for many years. Looking at the canopy structure, it can basically be compared to steel construction roofs. Therefore, like roofs, canopies have low maintenance costs, high durability and long life.

Canopy constructions protect from external factors and climatic conditions.

It is a solid and permanent structure.

It is produced in accordance with international standards.

It is durable and suitable for many years of use.

Prevents possible accidents thanks to the calculated weight capacity.

Canopy Manufacturing Application Examples