Overpass Construction Manufacturing

Heavy Steel Construction

Overpasses have become an important part of our country’s roads in recent years. Bridges and overpasses, which are necessary for pedestrian transportation and safety, are structures that come to the fore with their robustness. Overpasses manufactured with steel construction have superior advantages over concrete structures. Steel overpass systems provide high security, easy installation and durability due to their structure. Environmental conditions are taken into account while safety is optimized with weight calculations and related tests before manufacturing. Overpasses manufactured with steel construction are formed in a way that will not cause any negative consequences and will continue to exist for many years.

Steel overpass constructions are resistant to external factors and climatic conditions.

It is a solid and permanent structure.

It is produced in accordance with international standards.

It is durable and suitable for many years of use.

Prevents possible accidents thanks to the calculated weight capacity.

Overpass Construction Manufacturing Application Examples