Parking Lot Construction

SPP Land Construction Systems

SPP parking systems can be created in various sizes to protect your vehicles from weather conditions and to enable energy production. Energy production can be realized in car parking areas with parking system solutions that vary according to the need and the area to be installed. Parking garage SPP systems are structures that are frequently used today both to save space and to contribute to energy production. While installing the car park systems, the load to be carried by the construction structures, the installation area and environmental conditions must be taken into consideration.

As a result of the analyzes made with the right techniques during the creation of the parking lot constructions, the appropriate conditions are determined and then the production is carried out. Ground suitability, sun angle and environmental conditions in the area where the system will be installed are important. Car park construction systems, which are produced with correct analysis, are resistant to environmental conditions for many years and are used without any problems.

Parking Lot Construction Application Examples