Tracker Construction Manufacturing

SPP Land Construction Systems

The Solar Tracker system is a structure created with high-level engineering techniques that allows the solar panels to move according to the direction of the sun all day long. Maximum efficiency is obtained in solar energy projects created with the tracker system. In tracker systems, solar panels optimize themselves according to the direction the sun moves throughout the day and provide continuous production at maximum efficiency. The steeper the angle of solar panels, the higher the efficiency it will get from the sun and the amount of energy it will produce. The Tracker system monitors this situation and ensures that the panels work at maximum efficiency.

Two different construction systems are applied in Solar Tracker systems. These; varies as uniaxial and biaxial.

Single Axis Tracker: Moves the panels on a single axis. This movement direction can be exemplified as North-south direction or east-west direction.

Dual Axis Tracker: Moves panels in four directions. This system is designed to maximize the efficiency of the sun. By moving the panels according to the direction of the sun, it ensures that the system works in optimum efficiency.

Tracker Construction Manufacturing Application Examples