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Product Features

The C-profile is a perforated profile type that finds extensive use in various sectors and offers superior features in its design. This profile can be obtained in different sizes, and its perforated structure is particularly preferred. The perforated design allows for easy assembly without the need for bolt usage, especially in production lines and high-tech projects.

The C profiles we specially produce can be obtained in desired dimensions and sections, along with burr-free cutting features. This feature is utilized in various sectors, especially in fields such as energy, construction, automotive, and light steel structures.

C profiles are widely preferred in facilities within the energy sector, as structural elements in construction, in the manufacturing processes of the automotive industry, and in the production of steel doors. Their flexible usage and perforated structure provide a broad range of applications across different industries.

Section Names Production Range (mm)
Left Edge Height
Bottom Edge Width
Right Side Height
Bottom/Top Flange Height