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Product Features

U profiles are preferred as a structural or supporting element in industrial constructions and steel buildings across a wide range of sectors, including construction, steel structures, light steel structures, automotive, electrical-electronics, metal goods, energy, and more. These profiles have a broad application spectrum, and advancements in the construction sector have increased the demand for U profiles.

Due to their high load-carrying capacity, U profiles offer a material and cost advantage of up to 40% when compared to structures made with heavy steel materials. Additionally, they facilitate reliable, fast, and cost-effective steel building construction by providing ease in production, procurement, shipment, and assembly.

These profiles serve as a crucial structural element in various industrial constructions and steel buildings across different sectors. With their high load-carrying capacities and economic benefits, U profiles have become significant structural components preferred in many industries.

Section Names Production Range (mm)
Left Edge Height
Bottom Edge Width
Right Side Height